Wyoming Smart Contract Legislation


Brookings Grade: Organized


HB70: Open blockchain tokens-exemptions



HB70, as many of the new blockchain related bills from Wyoming, have been passed by the state legislature but are still awaiting signature by the Governor, before becoming law. HB70 exempts utility tokens from security laws.


HB19: Wyoming Money Transmitter Act-virtual currency exemption



HB19 exempts cryptocurrencies from Wyoming’s money transmission laws.


HB101:Electronic corporate records



HB101 alludes to blockchain technology but uses the term “electronic network.” It modifies state statutes to allow for blockchain-based records, shareholder management, and shareholder votes.


HB126: Limited liability companies-series



HB126 creates “series LLCs”, a new form of corporate governance contract for decentralized protocols.


SB111: Property taxation-digital currencies.

Passed: 12 March 2018


SB111 exempts certain crypto assets from state taxation.