Meet The Team: Senior Engineer Grant Powell

Grant Powell Photo - Senior Engineer

Today we introduce Sagewise’s Senior Engineer, Grant Powell. Grant brings with him years of experience in the digital world and is well-poised to contribute towards our vision of developing a safety-net for smart contracts.

Grant, proficient in a multitude of programming languages, is an expert in the development of innovative technologies and digital products. Over the last fifteen years, Grant has produced hundreds of websites and applications. Most notably, Grant developed the first-ever live streaming platform for YouTube and the first application to integrate with Spotify’s Web API, used to match people based on their taste in music.

As we continue to grow, Grant will prove instrumental in executing Sagewise’s long-term vision and pushing forward our immediate goals. Grant is fascinated by blockchain and smart contract technologies. He is passionate about guiding these technologies toward becoming real-world solutions with valuable user experiences. Grant believes there is no limit to the market size or scalability of what Sagewise is developing as he is certain that “every single business will need to leverage these technologies in the future”. Drawing on his ample experience in both development and leadership, Grant will lead technical product development helping to build-out the SDK and real-world marketplace solutions for blockchain and smart contracts.

Innovative, creative, and business-savvy, Grant also brings to Sagewise his experience and success as a leader. As founder and operator of the digital agency Pomegranate, Grant has partnered with some of the world’s most notable brands including Google, Spotify, Porsche, Dow Jones & Company, among many others. Revealing his entrepreneurial spirit, Grant co-founded ServiceFirst Solutions, a payment technology company where he was the Chief Technology Officer. Grant also founded the very first peer-to-peer secure lending platform, YouPawn, where he was also Chief Executive Officer. Both of these endeavors have provided Grant with insight valuable to the crypto space. Creating applications that move millions of dollars on a monthly basis, Grant developed an intimate understanding of the intricacy of the code on which these transactions operate. Grant also understands the need for dispute resolution systems and believes that Sagewise will ensure accountability in smart contracts, an imperative as the crypto industry matures.

We are thrilled to welcome Grant to Sagewise as we build for the future.

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